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Mini Enterprise

Our Mini-Enterprise project has been running for approx. 4 years, it began as a small arts and crafts club where like-minded service users would get together and create decorative objects using old stamps but has now grown to three mornings a week and over 25 service users availing of the project. Over the years the numbers of objects we have been creating have grown from simple Christmas baubles and key rings to complex trinket boxes and picture frames.  

It became clear to us about 2 years in that Mini-Enterprise was not a viable business name so the staff and the service users got together to have a business meeting to have a think about where we were headed with our product! We came up with the name Echo-Deco as it celebrates the old items we were given as donations and got from Charity Shops to be refurbished as well as the main medium of deco patch which is used on the majority of the products we make!

For the past 2-3 years we have been selling our Echo-Deco products at Christmas Fairs, Coffee Shops, our own Employability Hubs and local markets. The service users involved in Echo-Deco are part of every step and get a rare chance of experiencing every stage of a basic business model. The service users are exposed to many learning experiences such as long lasting dexterity skills, how to manage a budget, how to handle money and brilliant customer service.