Introducing our new Social Enterprise “Orchardville Cleans”

Introducing a new social enterprise for 2021 – Orchardville Cleans.

The timely launch of Orchardville Cleans provides not only a sanitising and cleaning solution for any setting, but offers new training and employment opportunities for our participants with a learning disability or Autism.


Orchardville Cleans offers a range of cleaning services from standard level to deep clean. We specialise in ‘Dry Sanitation’, a new dry fogging method which allows a return to business in minutes, rather than several hours as per traditional wet fogging methods.

This system is ideal for both commercial premises, vehicles and home usage alike, creating a cleansed and COVID-19 free environment.

For a free quotation –

Call: 075 8435 3436


Find us on Facebook: @OrchardvilleCleans

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At work in the Orchard Café, Belfast

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