Participants with an Employment Officer can now self-register for online and in-person training in November

We are delighted to be continuing our new training offer for the 2021-2022 year for Project Ignite2 participants! There are some new and exciting courses happening throughout the year, and also the return of a few familiar favourites. Keep an eye to our social media pages for the approach each month, as we will release the sign-up link for the upcoming month and the training you can join, depending on the course, either in person or online.

November Training Timetable

Explaining the change in approach to training sign up for Ignite2 participants, Education & Progression Manager Julie Anderson commented, “One of the learnings for us from the last year has been how with the right support, participants have been able to take increased ownership of their learning. We see this change as an important next step as we continue to support participants to improve their independence, confidence and employability”.

You can click the link then complete the short sign up yourself for any course you would like to attend or, if you would prefer, you can speak to your Employment Officer and they can do it for you. Employment Officer’s will continue to be in contact with you to let you know what employability and wellbeing courses we have available each month.

Hope to see some old and new faces in our new training sessions continuing in November. Click the link to see what’s on offer this month and get signed up!

November Training Sign up

We have also created this video to show participants what to do when they arrive at Lagan Village Tower on the Ravenhill Road for training. Click the video below and we will talk you through signing into the building on arrival using the tablet and where the training rooms are located in the building.

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