Mentor and staff member at work in the Orchardville Business Centre

What Orchardville achieved during lockdown

Orchardville, a registered charity and social enterprise, is committed to changing the lives of people with learning disability and autism.

We believe that with the right support, any individual with a learning disability or autism can reach their full potential and achieve their employment aspirations.

This is an Orchardville clip that Social Enterprise Northern Ireland used at their #BuildBackSocialConference.


Our social enterprises trade as commercial businesses, providing participants with relevant, industry-specific skills.
Orchardville operate a number of social enterprises that provide supported training and development, in real working environments, for our participants.

These commercial businesses are a key part of preparing our participants for working life, while highlighting the focus we put on buying local and supporting local business.

“Our priority is to provide training and employment opportunities to adults with learning disabilities and or Autism. We create real work environments and have supported hundreds of our students into paid employment”

Have you heard about our new social enterprise Orchardville Cleans?

Orchardville Cleans offers a range of cleaning services from standard level to deep clean. We specialise in ‘Dry Sanitation’, a new dry fogging method which allows a return to business in minutes, rather than several hours as per traditional wet fogging methods.

This system is ideal for both commercial premises, vehicles and home usage alike, creating a cleansed and COVID-19 free environment.

For more information on our Social Enterprises please click this here


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At work in the Orchard Café, Belfast

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