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The User Forum
The Orchardville Society
Lagan Village Tower
144-152 Ravenhill Road
Belfast BT6 8ED
T: 028 9073 2326

The Orchardville User Forum is a trainee forum which provides a two way communication channel between service users and staff, allowing the opportunity for trainees to express their views and opinions on Orchardville services which help staff understand and shape the society.  They also participate in a range of fundraising projects for the society and last September completed a 10K fun in addition to their annual Christmas bag packing adventures.

As a collective the forum meets each month to discuss issues that are affecting trainee’s. Occasionally, the forum hosts guests from Senior Management to discuss pressing issues or topics of current interest. Most recently the forum gave a presentation at the Annual Awards conference this year and also at the User Conference,

We also hosted Triangle’s Supported Living User Forum to discuss issues facing adults and young people living with a learning disability. 

The Forum has also been working closely with the Equality Commission and trainees have composed an easy read version of the Equality Rights document for adults with learning disabilities members have found these opportunities most beneficial as they were able to practice their public speaking and presentation skills in a supportive environment whilst making new friendships. 

The society hopes to continue to build upon these new partnerships and looks forward to joint projects being planned in the future.

The Forum comprises of 12 members and 3 office bearers.  The Office Bearers act as a committee for the Forum and meet weekly to review and plan. Typical activities they engage in include; typing up minutes, drawing up agendas, responding to email queries, updating the notice board and setting clear action points to be completed on an ongoing basis.   

It is important that we recognise each individual’s contribution and commitment to the Forum on an annual basis and how important and influential the forum is in the Society and we all are looking forward to see what 2016 holds.

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