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Part-time Volunteer Co-Ordinator (25 hours)


 Closing Date – 28/06/19 at 12 noon.

In this newly created role, you will co-ordinate all elements of volunteering including the recruitment, training, development, motivation and retention of volunteers throughout the organisation. The role will involve getting to know our services and our existing volunteer base and building on this to create a network of appropriately skilled and trained volunteers to meet organisational needs.


Communications & Fundraising Manager



In this newly created role, you will take the lead in promoting positive internal and external communications, as well as developing an appropriate marketing and fundraising strategy to support organisational needs, maximise income and ensure that fundraising targets are met.


Our Stories

"I love seeing participants achieve something they thought they couldn’t. To see people improve their skills and enjoy their work is a very rewarding feeling."

- Natasha


"The most enjoyable part of my job is that every day is different. Every day brings different people, different activities and different challenges to overcome."

- Louise